I am an art teacher with the Fairfield Community Schools teaching grades K through 5. I enjoy working with the children and helping them learn to use the creative side of their brain. I hope you enjoy my blog and seeing a bit of what we work on in the art classes.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fun and Art Games on the Web


I have had time to show this site to some of my classes, but here is a link to the fun site I found. It is colorwithleo.com. I find the Mayan Quest to be a real challenge, but I am sure some of my game experienced students will find it to be a breeze. The clay monsters get me every time! The paint drip catch is also a challenge, in fact I am no good at it at all, but it is still fun to see Leo running and trying to catch the drips. The puzzles are made from famous works of art, and it seems to always give you another chance.


Draw a stick man is another fun site we went to some last year. The kids know the drill, but it is such a riot to see the stick man or woman you drew with the mouse act out the stories in both episodes. Have fun!