I am an art teacher with the Fairfield Community Schools teaching grades K through 5. I enjoy working with the children and helping them learn to use the creative side of their brain. I hope you enjoy my blog and seeing a bit of what we work on in the art classes.

Friday, September 2, 2011

End of the First Week

This week I will focus on what the fourth graders are learning in art class right now. The fourth graders learned what "surreal" means (not real) and have started creating surrealistic works of art. We saw several examples of artwork by Salvador Dali and others. The students looked for pictures in magazines to start in a collage approach with things put together in a new and surprising way.  It seemed to me that they were having a great time finding images that really did not go together in a traditional way of thinking, but could make our viewers surprised. So far it has been a good experience as they have been "thinking outside the box."

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