I am an art teacher with the Fairfield Community Schools teaching grades K through 5. I enjoy working with the children and helping them learn to use the creative side of their brain. I hope you enjoy my blog and seeing a bit of what we work on in the art classes.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Third graders view closely

Third graders have been observing still life objects and trying to really observe shape and form. They have been working on monochromatic (one color) watercolor paintings of their observed object. It takes a lot of concentration to think about the edge of something piece by piece. For example, one might look carefully at the curve of one part of one pedal of a flower, and then after getting that on paper, go on to the next pedal beside that. I have been pleased with the results so far as the students try to draw what shapes they see, and drawing with a paintbrush! The use of a monochromatic color scheme helps to give these paintings unity, one of our principles of design.  

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